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Advanced Vitiligo Treatment

Cellular Suspension graft – Advanced Vitiligo treatment

Melanocyte transfer

This Surgical remedy is one of its kind gives almost near normal results in patients suffering from Vitiligo. Melanocyte grafting with epidermal suspensions is highly specific procedure to treat Vitiligo.
The donor area is marked on the lateral aspect of the gluteal region or thigh. It is cleaned and anaesthetized by injection of 1% lignocaine. Application of EMLA cream helps in reducing the injection pain & amount of lignocaine needed. A split thickness thin skin graft is obtained.

The obtained skin is centrifuged incubated and divided in to various cell components.
Melanocytes are separated and the stable vitiligo skin is dermabraded till dermo-epidermal component is reached. The entire process of the preparation of cell suspension takes about 60 - 90 minutes.

The cell suspension is applied with a syringe or pipette and spread out evenly with its tip over the recipient area.
The area is then covered with a thin transparent collagen film. Dressing is done with a sterile gauze piece, moistened with DMEM/F-12, and finally with Tegaderm (3M) dressing.
Both the donor and the recipient areas heal in 10 -12 days time.
Medical treatment for vitiligo has to be continued by the dermatologist for a considerable period of time till the lesions stay stable.

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